Fishing Reports

March 11-12

Despite the weather, fishing was good this weekend.  A lot of numbers being caught +30 fish each day with the biggest around 3.5-4.0 lbs.  Fishing is going to get better this week with the continued warm weather.  Surface water temps around 65 F and fish being caught +30 Feet to less than 5 feet on several different patterns.   The top water bite is picking up and watching a bass come up and crush a lure is my favorite.  My calendar is open next Saturday and weeknights are an option now with daylight savings ending. 

March 17-19

With the warm weather and warm nights, there continues to be a pre-spawn, spawn, and now post spawn patterns.  It was a good fishing weekend with numbers and bass up to 4 lbs.  There were bass moving up and staging in some areas, a few on beds, and now fry guarders (male bass protecting the fry).  On Sunday, there was a ball of fry in a cove up the Pedernales river which had surface water temperatures around 69-70 F.  There is a variety of ways to catch them right now.  

March 25-April 1

The post-spawn pattern seems to be growing to dominance with the water temperature in the lower 70’s.  During the weekend of March 25, we were catching some spawners and male fry guarders in Cypress and Sandy Creek.  Later this week, the post spawn bite seems to be the dominant pattern Mid-Lake, Lago Vista area and up the Pedernales.  There were some schools starting to set up near their summer haunts.   There was a pretty good top water bite in the evening trips.  This time of year is good for a finesse presentation (wacky rig, weightless fluke, stick worm) with clear water and a lot of fish suspended and recuperating from the spawn.  The bite is only going to get better as the temperatures heat up and the fish come out of the post-spawn period.

April 2 -9

Earlier in the week, the post spawn pattern was dominating mid lake and then another wave of spawning fish started moving up with the full moon phase. By the weekend, the wave was on Saturday evening and the catch was around 15 lbs for the best five fish with big fish going 4.5 lbs. A total +30 fish caught with fish were feeding actively on large schools of shad caught in the high winds. This could be a shad spawn wave and pre-spawn feeding frenzy during the full moon week. 

April 14-16

I was able to put together full day trips Friday through Sunday on Lake Travis.  Post-spawn is the major pattern right now.  The numbers are still there with the biggest fish around 4 lbs.  The bigger fish that we are catching are skinny and suggest they are feeding up after the spawn.   The key for the catch is a finesse approach this time of year however the top water bite was strong this weekend.  Pop-R, Prop-baits, and Frogs work well this weekend.  The blow-ups and bites on the top-water frog this weekend were fantastic.  It was very impressive to see a predator fish in action.

Remainder of April

Post- spawn pattern reigned for the rest of the month however there were big females still full of eggs caught.  The shad spawn was also coming on strong and there were balls of shad observed on the surface near bluffs, docks, and brush.  Again, a finesse approach this time of year works well to catch numbers of fish.  Weightless senkos, wacky worm rigs, and of course top waters work well this time of year.   A lot of fish suspend this time of year and you must present a bait that will stay in that suspended target zone.  There are some fish setting up on summer haunts but I didn’t have success catching the bigger fish in numbers.  This will change soon as we head into May. I’m excited about fishing the ledges, points, and deep brush this summer.  Action in the summer can be fast and furious when you find a school of fish.  Give me a call and come find out.

May 1 -7

Fish are transitioning from post- spawn to the summertime pattern.  With the shad spawn still occurring the bass are taking advantage and feeding heavily.   Some of the fish I caught on Sunday were fat as footballs from feeding up.  I also had fish spitting up crawfish as well.  On Sunday, fish were more organized are a few summertime ledges and points.  There were a lot of smaller fish in these areas but there were keepers (>14”) in the mix as well and an occasional big fish (4-5 lbs).  Top waters are still a good strategy and also some of the finesse techniques from the post-spawn will work but summertime ledge and point fishing will be the mainstay going into the summer.

May 15-21

Had the pleasure of teaching a couple from the valley how to fish this week.  We had a great night with beautiful weather and were able to catch a few.  We did miss a good one that night.  Numbers caught are still good with good keepers caught in the mix.   Occasionally, there is a big one on the line as well as I lost a big one (6-7 lbs) on Wednesday evening.   Fish are in the process of migration to summertime haunts.  On a hot day, there are good deep schools forming but on overcast and cooler days you can catch fish in <10 foot of water.    I have a lot of different lures rigged up on the boat right now.  Top waters, finesse rigs (wacky, flukes), and crank baits have been working well.  Were coming up on Memorial Day weekend and I look forward to early morning adventures.  Earlier the morning better right now. 

Remainder of May

In late May, surface water temps were mid to high 70s and there was still a good bite at 10-15' for suspended fish. I was catching numbers of fish and quality up to 4.5 lbs. Topwater bite slowed for me and I had to use suspended jerk baits, finesse presentations, and crank baits. Temps on Sat, June 4th, were in the 80's and the fish are in the their summertime patterns. The fish are on or near ledges ranging from depths of 25 to 40'. Worms (drop shot), crankbaits, and spoons are my favorite types of lures this time of year. The heat is on!

June 4-10

Numbers were good this week with an occasional big fish, 4-5 lbs. Upper end of the lake has an established thermocline at 25-30' of water. Deep summertime patterns dominate mid-lake and to the upper end of the lake as surface water temperatures are in the low 80's. Crank baits, drop-shot, and spoons worked well this week. The deep bite will continue as the summer gets hotter.

June 11-18

With the air temperatures in the 90's and surface water temperatures in the low 80's, the deep summertime patterns are in full effect.  Numbers were good with solid 1-2 lbs keepers and a few 3-5 lbs fish in the mix.  Once a school gets activated or when the fish are feeding, fish can be caught on consecutive casts.  The deep water bite should be good through the remainder of June and into July.  Spoons, drop-shot finesse worms , and crank baits have worked well this week.   As we head into the dog days of summer, fishing at night becomes a good option.  

Remainder of June to July 3

The major pattern for catching bass continues to be deep ledges, points, and bends.  Pay attention to schooling activity near the deep ledges and points as topwater action has definitely picked up over the last couple of weeks.  Early morning action is good however when there is cloud cover, the action can continue throughout the day.  Numbers continue to be good with half-day mornings producing 10-20 fish with an occasional 4-5 lb fish and numerous fish over 14".  Top waters, finesse worms, t-rig worms, and crankbaits have worked well.

July 3rd thru 9th

Deep and early top water patterns prevail as we head into the dog days of summer. Numbers were good with up to 20 fish early week but slowed down a little thru the weekend.  Top water bite is still strong in the morning but you have to hit it early.  T-rig worms and top waters were the baits of choice this week.  Don't count a shallow bite as we continue into the hottest days of the summer.  There are resident fish in pockets and coves that live in <10 of water.

Remainder of July

The dog days of summer are here as surface water temperatures are in the low 90's in the afternoon.  Of course there is a deep bite on long points, ledges, and bluff walls but there is a good shallow (<10 feet) bite as well.   Due to the heat, the numbers of caught fish are down from June.  The rain that the lake received last Sunday and Monday seemed to promote fish activity as the evening bite was pretty good Tues thru Thursday.  I had a good time with Joey and Dudley from Louisiana on Wednesday night and James and Owen on Thursday.  We caught about 7-8 fish each night.  There is a rain in the forecast this week and I hope the lake will fill back to full pool.  If the lake comes up 1 to 2 feet, the fishing will be better, I promise.

Aug 1st thru 6th

Don't think that August is terrible for fishing. For the first week in August, fishing has been really good. The full moon phase and cooler weather maybe the main reasons for the bite. There is deep and shallow action right now. Topwaters, Texas rigged worms, and crankbaits have performed well this week. Now this time of year you have to try different lures and colors to figure out what they want. Pro fishermen will say "the fish will tell you what they want". It's cliche but it's so true. I may have 12-15 rod and reels on the deck until I figure out how to catch them. You have to work at.. Have a great week!

Early August to Mid-August

Dog days continue with high heat and surface water temps ranging from 86-91 F.  Schooling action is becoming more prominent in the morning here at mid-lake.  I saw more schooling activity this weekend than the rest of the summer.  Some schools are more skittish than others.  Topwaters and flukes worked well with a long cast.  As some of you fishermen know, they seem to come up just outside your cast distance.  I spooled new line for a couple of reels just for this reason.  I'm trying to make a 40-50 yard cast to reach the fish and not scare them away.  The action for me has been the early morning hours and then dies out around 0830-900 am.  It can be fast and furious and sometimes you can catch two at a time (see photo). In your early morning boat run, be on the lookout for surface splashing or disturbances. I would observed by slowing down to 30-40 mph and looking around deep points and ledges.  I've found fish schooling around the deep water ledges.

The deep bite is still there but can be really tough because they tend to suspend in 15-20 FOW at a 30 Foot ledge in August.  I usually run these spots very quickly and if they are not biting I leave.  That's my method because it can get really boring for customers to sit on a school and not catch anything.  Though crankbaits and flutter spoons work well to trigger these suspended fish into biting. Shallow to middle bite has been good to me in the last two weeks.  This time of year, there can be a good shallow bite.  Topwaters work well early then crankbaits and t-rig worms by mid-morning.  I had to slow down my presentation this weekend during the mid-to late morning bite.   There is a really strong chance for rain this next weekend which can significantly improve the summer bite.  When the lake comes up, I go fishing.

End of August to Labor Day Weekend

The surface water temperatures went down to 81F and now around 83-84 F.  That has triggered some fall seasonal patterns.  There is more schooling activity and active wolf-packs cruising the banks.  There is a ton of shad on the surface from Mid-lake to the Pedernales River.  I've seen small fish wolf-packs to 3-4 lbs bass just cruising the bank to ambush prey.  They are super-aggressive when hunting and you can catch multiple fish if you get another lure out there quickly.  They will compete with each other to eat your lure.  For example, I caught a 2.5 lb fish on a crankbait and a 4-5 lb fish was trying to take the lure out of it's mouth.  At one point  the large bass bit down on the dorsal fin of the smaller bass.  This lake is really full of bait and the fall is setting up to be very exciting.  Numbers caught are up which is good when taking kids out to fish.  We have a cold front coming this week and the fishing is just going to get better.  Topwater, crankbaits, jigs, and t-rig worms worked well this week both shallow and deep.

Sept 5th thru 10th

With the latest cold front early in the week, the surface water temperatures were down in the low 80's and there's been a steady North to Northeast wind all week.  Fall patterns have started and bass are fattening up on shad and bluegill.  The larger bass (2-4 lbs) are more prevalent now hunting the shorelines than in the summer...and they are fattening up quickly.  This week, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, topwaters, and jigs worked well in deep (20'-30' ) and shallow (<6') water  Fall is a fun time to be out on the water.


Summer weather returned from the cool front that passed through early in the month.  Surface water temps are still in the low 80's and at mid-lake around 83-84 F.  Numbers have been good on crankbaits, jigs, topwaters, texas-rig worms/craws, and flukes at deep and shallow water locations.    Ran into more wolf-packs this weekend where the bass are grouped up (4-6 bass) and ambushing prey (shad, bluegill) in a team effort.  Such a treat watching a group of them trying to smash a buzzbait.  Heading into the fall, focus on where the bait or shad is located.  Whether you spot the shad on the surface or graph with your electronics,  there is a good chance you will find the bass.  The bass are keying on shad this time of year and feeding heavily, especially during a weather change.  There is rain and a little cooler weather in the forecast this week.  Get out there and enjoy it this week.

Early October

With a wind shift, Voila!  The big ones start biting.  There was Fog on the water this morning and fall fishing is in full effect.  Surface water temperatures are around 78-80 and there is a lot of shad on the surface from Lago up to past Muleshoe bend.  Again, this time of year they are keyed on bait, mostly shad however a bluegill is mighty tasty as well.  The prevailing winds will position the bait and the bass will follow.  This time of year can be tricky because the bass are following the shad.  When there are weather changes and wind shifts, the great spot you had last week may not apply this week.  You have to keep on moving around to you find them.  This week, top-water (buzz-bait), crankbaits (shallow, midrange), jigs, and t-rig craw worked well.  Be cognizant that these fish are pressured as this is a city lake.  Sometimes you have to slow your presentation and try different colors and vibration patterns.  Good luck and good fishing.  Love the fall!!


The surface water temperatures have been averaging 79-81 F over the last couple of weeks but daylight hours continue to decrease.  The number of fish caught is up and schooling activity on the surface has increase significantly.  We had excellent schooling activity this morning and little Owen was getting worn out bringing in the fish.  Pre-frontal conditions can be magical and so was the case this morning.  There is a deep,  mid-range, and shallow bite at this time however there should be a more dominant shallow bite coming soon.  The forecast this week has 3 nights of fifty degree weather which should bring down the surface water temperature.  Topwaters, crankbaits, flukes, and T-rig worms have worked well the last couple of weeks.  Good luck out there, the fishing should be good this week.

Mid to late October

Fall weather progression made a serious move this weekend with a powerful cold front which got the lows down in the thirties.  Surface water temperatures went from 75-76 F last weekend to the low seventies A 71-72 F this evening.  Numbers of fish caught have been really good with size as well.  With the fall weather, there are flurries of action when the fish are feeding like the springtime.   I observed alot of shad in the back of some of the major creeks this weekend.  As far as water clarity, the main lake is around 7-8 feet with mid-lake around 2-3 feet.  Up near Turkey Creek Bend area, the water is very stained with 1-2 foot of visibility.  Top-waters, crank baits (shallow, mid-ranged), trig (craw and worms), and the drop-shot rig worked really well the last two weeks.  Don't put away the rod and reels during deer season.

Late October to early November

Warm weather has crept back in over the last week and the surface water temperatures were 73-74 F this week from mid-lake and up to Turkey Creek Bend.  There are fish and bait at all depths (Deep, mid, and shallow) at various locations of the lake.  Numbers caught were good this weekend with the largest at 5 lbs.  Top-waters, flukes, crankbaits, and Tx-Rig worms/craws worked well. This time of year the conditions changes often and you have to adjust to wind, air temp, and surface water temp.

Early to Mid-October

With the latest cold front last week, the surface water temperatures were between 69-70 degrees.  With the cooler water, water clarity at mid-lake was 7-8 feet and 3-4 feet up the Colorado Arm around Muleshoe Bend.  Further up river, water clarity was < 2 feet and the same up the Pedernales River.  Shad was observed from 20 feet to the surface and I did observe two groups of fish near winter haunts.  Numbers were good this weekend with numerous chunks at 2.5-3.0 lbs.  With the increasing water clarity, a finess or subtle presentation is needed at times to catch the fish.  I have to remind myself to slowdown my presentation during periods of inactivity.  Topwaters, jerk-baits, finesse worms, t-rig worms and crankbaits worked well this weekend.   Good luck out there.

Mid to Late November

The surface water temps are still in the high sixties after the cold front and warming trend this week.  Numbers caught were good with size as well with the largest at 5.5 lbs.  Water clarity at mid-lake was stained to very stained up the Pedernales and Colorado Arms.  With the cooler temps, a subtle presentation is key for the bite.  This week, t-rig finesse worms, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, and crankbaits worked well. Had a great a thanksgiving weekend with some great people.