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Lago Fishing Guide - John Syer


Who is this guy?

John has over 16 years of experience fishing Lake Travis and as a guide 4 years.  He focuses on Lake Travis to pass on a great experience within minutes of Austin, TX.   



Half day (5 hours) =$300 (1-2 persons)

Full day (8 hours) = $450 (1-2 persons)

Third person = additional $50

2019 Ranger 520C with latest electronics that comfortably fishes three adults.  Ranger boats are known for their comfort and fishability

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Lake Travis

Travis is a 18,622 acres lake just west of Austin, TX.  Over the last decade, the lake has experienced drought and flood periods.  During the last drought, there was a lot of tree and bush growth in the lake.  Once the lake refilled, the submerged brush has provided great habitat for forage and game fish. In addition, Texas Parks and Wildlife has stocked the lake during the last two years. If you live in Austin, It's a great time to fish Lake Travis.  

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Lake Travis Fishing Guide

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Saturday: half or full day

Sunday: half or full day

I recommend half-day mornings in the summer months (June-August)

Will have some weekday availability around the Holidays - July 4th coming up

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Coby Colley May 23, 2020

Fred Parsons - May 16, 2020

Chris Eagle May 17, 2020

 My 2 sons and I had a great experience with John!  He was fantastic w the kids and super patient.  We appreciated his expertise of the lake, and all of the top-notch equipment he had!
Even on a busy day w a lot of boat traffic he got us on the fish!  We highly recommend if you want a great time w a good dude. 

Chris Eagle May 17, 2020

Fred Parsons - May 16, 2020

Chris Eagle May 17, 2020

 John was an awesome guide!  He put us on the fish all day long.  My buddy and I caught 28 bass in the morning!   He really went over the top to make sure we had a great time. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to have fun and catch a ton of fish. 

Fred Parsons - May 16, 2020

Fred Parsons - May 16, 2020

Jennifer Zardavets - May 2, 2020

 My son and I had the pleasure to enjoy a successful bass fishing trip on Saturday 5/16/20 with John.  He is an excellent guide.  He not only put us on the fish but was a very good teacher.  I highly recommend John.  He is very customer focused and professional in his communication concerning the trip.  John is well prepared, uses good equipment, and is a great instructor.  We caught fish using 4 different lures ( changed lures due to changing conditions).  I am confident you will have a safe and memorable trip with John Syer. 

Jennifer Zardavets - May 2, 2020

Jennifer Zardavets - May 2, 2020

Jennifer Zardavets - May 2, 2020

 John’s the best! He took my son and a friend out a few years ago and they had a great time and learned a lot. Yesterday I went with my 2 sons and we had an epic time. We caught 12 keepers! He is easy going and knowledgeable and a joy to be around. I hope to do this again soon! 

Bobby Lyon - May 3, 2020

Jennifer Zardavets - May 2, 2020

Clayton Heald - Mar 16, 2020

 Highly recommended,John is the man!!! Super nice guy and a great won't be disappointed.. 

Clayton Heald - Mar 16, 2020

Jennifer Zardavets - May 2, 2020

Clayton Heald - Mar 16, 2020

 Had a great day of “catching” with John at Lago Fishing Guide. John got around the lake quietly in a powerful Ranger boat, taught Matthew the way to use the lures and reels we were using today and gear was excellent. Fished multiple spots. Money well spent! Fantastic time!!! 

Recent Fishing Report


May 2020

The feed continues. The more sun the better as the post spawn fish are feeding up.  The first 1.5-2 hours of the day is the magic period where the fish are actively feeding near the surface.  Numbers are good with size to 4 plus caught on jerkbaits, trig worms, flukes, and finesse worms.   I’m back in business and time enjoy the lake.  Give me a call or online book.

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